We unite artists and winemakers

Our mission is to transform winemaking into a true art – as painting and music are forms of art, when executed with feeling and passion, when the soul expresses itself…

Ernesto Catena Finca

These are the Collab projects we've created so far.

Mara de Uco Winery Mara · Pinot Noir label art by Maite Oz

We’ve made this Mara Patagonian Pinot Noir as a tribute to beauty in its simplest, purest forms. Lets cherish this gift of Nature so that it stays with us forever long.

L'Orange Winery Fammi Lamore · Rosso label art by Lorenzo Eroticolor

You and I, drawing hills and seas, rivers and valleys, endless curves. United in a secret dance; dancing under laws of natural harmony. Forever careful, forever willing. Here’s a toast to the road and a toast for you, my love.

L'Orange Winery Fammi L'amore · Arancione label art by Lorenzo Eroticolor

This pair of natural wines, with the minimum filtering necessary, is the first launch of the L´Orange winery in Chacras de Coria – Next to Ernesto´s house and elaborated italian style – as his great grandfather did.
Of young profiles, in bottles of 355 cc with crown cap, they are ideal to consume fresh from the refrigerator in spring and summer.

Stella Crinita Winery Stella Crinita label art by Andres Sobrino

Natural winemaking is not only what you do, but also who you are. It is a set of agricultural procedures, is a way of directing a business, to interact with consumers, is a search, a dream, an adventure a madness and many other things.

Cabernet Franc: Alcohol 13.3%, PH 3,7. Barrel: French oak of second and third use for 12 months.
Barbera: Alcohol 13,3 %, Ph 3,7. Barrel: French oak of second and third use for 14 months.
Petit Verdot: Acohol 13,3% Ph 3,7. Barrel: French oak of second and third use for 14 months.

Animal Organic Winery Be My hippie Love · Blanco label art by Mau

Under its crown cap shines a ruby red that lets in light from all sides. The typically of the criolla grape shows the beauty of returning to the beginning.
Hippie spirit, indomitable and free.
Easy to drink, no turns. Fruit and spices in a medium finish.
A fresh and happy wine.

Varietal: 100% criolla grape
Alcohol: 13,8%
Location: La Consulta, Uco Valley.

Tikal Natural Winery Tikal Ensueño label art by Ariel Mlynarzewicz

Dream of a winter morning:
Riding among undulating vineyards.
Birds announcing a nearby stream.
Reptiles that hide under stones to the sound of the hooves of
my white horse.
The desert envelops me in silence…

Tikal Natural Winery Tikal Locura label art by Esteban Feune de Colombi

One of the most avant-garde wines of our Tikal winery. From its purely artistic label oxygenated by the poetry of Esteban Feune de Colombi, this wine is part of an limited edition and that in specific periods is recreated creating new evolved versions of the previous ones. 18 months in oak barrels and its different percentages of malbec, cabernet franc, torrontés and criolla achieving a unique identity and an absolutely crazy and unique wine.

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