Just up the Uruguian coast from the busy and Miami-esque Punta Del Este lies the sleepy beach town of José Ignacio. Well, sleepy for 10 months of the year, January and February sees the town fill with everyone from Shakira to Martin Amis. Beautiful, interesting and most of all fun, […]

José Ignacio: Latin America’s centre of cool

Finca Nakbé was recently treated to a visit by artist and journalist Esteban Feune de Colombí. His magazine Galera is the epitome of all things cool and, on meeting the man in charge, one understands why. Charming and so laid-back you think he might fall over at any minute, Esteban has plethora of […]

A Distinguished Guest

Wine Is Art had the opportunity to test out a new app, Pyramidia, which is set to change the way we do wine tastings.

Pyramidia blind tasting

For many a perfect evening might be a glass of wine and movie. Well, for those reading that agree with this, here is a post to give you our five favourite films about wine, to make your evening wine complete! 5. The Secret of Santa Vittoria This fantastic 1969 film […]

Wine in Film – Top 5

Design, as mentioned in our last post (can be found here), is integral to wine, we believe this so strongly that one of our main values is “to find beauty in everything we do.” Here are some examples of beautiful design at work in the wine world. All photographs are taken […]

Wine is Design (Part 2)

Wine and winemaking is surrounded by design. Such a refined and wonderful product deserves to be created and presented in the best possible circumstances, from the vineyard to the winery, the bottle to the glass it is poured into, design is all encompassing. When people thing of design in wine, […]

Wine Is Design (Part 1)