Wine Is Design (Part 1)

Wine and winemaking is surrounded by design. Such a refined and wonderful product deserves to be created and presented in the best possible circumstances, from the vineyard to the winery, the bottle to the glass it is poured into, design is all encompassing.

Surveying a site

Surveying a site

When people thing of design in wine, the obvious things would be the bottle and the labelling, however for some it is important for beauty to be present throughout the winemaking process. This means the winery and even the vineyards themselves.


Design, design, design.

However such things of beauty don’t just sprout from the ground, many hours of intricate and precise design are required. Ernesto Catena, as pictured, is a front runner and firm believer in all things design, and more to the point, he does much of it himself!


Drawings, drawings, drawings.

We believe that design is truly essential and integral to wine brands, and starting where the wine is grown and made can only be a good thing.


See photos of the results here.

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