Wine in Film – Top 5

For many a perfect evening might be a glass of wine and movie. Well, for those reading that agree with this, here is a post to give you our five favourite films about wine, to make your evening wine complete!

5. The Secret of Santa Vittoria

This fantastic 1969 film tells the story of an Italian town trying to hide a million bottles of wine from the German’s during WWII.

4. From Ground to Glass

A documentary about a man with no wine experience trying to make two barrels of Syrah. It provides a fantastic insight into the Californian wine industry.

3. Corked

This mockumentary follows a Californian winemaker, a billionaire, a clueless winery manager and an incompetent rich kid as they compete to win the fictional Golden Cluster trophy.

2. Bottle shock

Alan Rickman plays an English wine merchant who pits American Wines against their original French counterparts.

1. A Good Year

Russel Crowe plays a British Investment banker who upon the death of his uncle Harry, returns to his childhood as he attempts to keep his uncle’s French vineyard alive.

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