José Ignacio: Latin America’s centre of cool

Just up the Uruguian coast from the busy and Miami-esque Punta Del Este lies the sleepy beach town of José Ignacio. Well, sleepy for 10 months of the year, January and February sees the town fill with everyone from Shakira to Martin Amis. Beautiful, interesting and most of all fun, these are the people who come from far and wide to enjoy this beachside paradise. Far removed from the coastal skyscrapers and Trump towers of Punta Del Este, José Ignacio enjoys a more bohemian and subtle style, whilst remaining chic and certainly sophisticated.


Fernando Trocca and team at El Mostrador de Santa Teresita


The summer season also sees a large influx of fantastic chefs and with them the opening of delicious restaurants all over the town. At Wine Is Art! we believe that relationships with restaurants and chefs are hugely important in the world of wine. After all, a great dinner is not complete without a good bottle. One favourite is the amazing El Mostrador de Santa Teresita, Fernando Trocca’s beachside restaurant serves fantastic dishes throughout the day, alongside a great wine selection. We like this one…a lot.

maris y paula 8

Paula Carosella at Marismo

Federico Desseno and Natasha Desantadina’s Marismo is another José Ignacio favourite. We were lucky enough to attend a fantastic event with Paula Carosella cooking alongside Fede, Alma Negra was the wine of the day and every guest seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. In the same location we were treated to a wonderful evening with Fernando Trocca and Hugo Macchia joining forces to make a formidable cooking force, José Ignacio once again coming up with the goods!

What a team

What a team!

Alongside these two fabulous eateries are La Huela and La Holada, both cooking up tasty food and good wine, and holding the best of the José Ignacion atmosphere. At Wine is Art! we feel very lucky to be so well connected with the restaurant scene, it provides us fantastic channels to promote and market wines to exciting and creative people, people that we know well and do their thing to the highest standard.


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